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Health & Safety Induction

Welcome to the ORAI Health and Safety Induction.  Complete ALL 5 steps and then your all set and ready to go.

1. Familiarise yourself with the Emergency Procedures

2. Check out the information about Incidents and the Incident Form 

3. Watch the Induction Video

4. Read the Hazard Management Plan

5. Submit the Checklist to complete your induction

1. Emergency Procedures

These Procedures cover what to do in an emergency situation and where to find the equipment you may need.

2. Incidents

If an incident occurs it is important that you fill in this short form to let us know what happened. You can fill this in online below, or on a printed form found in the H&S Folder.  

ORAI is committed to keeping records of any incidents that occur on our worksites. These forms are to be filled in by the volunteer and/or their supervisor. This information will be used in the monthly Health and Safety Meeting which occurs during the monthly ORAI meeting to complete the incident investigation report. All feedback on incidents will be made available to all volunteers and hazard management plan updated if required. 

Online Incident Form

Download Incident Form Here

3. Induction Video

Watch the short video to learn about Hazards you may encounter and what to do.

4. Hazard Management Plan

This is our plan for recognising Hazards and what to do to keep yourself safe.

5. H&S Induction Checklist

All volunteers/workers/contractors must complete this induction checklist before starting work on our site

Induction Checklist
I have read and understand the incident, emergency and safety procedures
I know where all the facilities are located and where to access First Aid and Fire Extinguisher
I understand how to report incidents and hazards

Download Induction

Checklist Here

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