Community Led Development Programme

Update 23 February 2022     

It is with sadness that the passing of Anna Frost, our DIA support advisor, is acknowledged in this report. Anna was our supporter and advisor from the start and brought openness, enthusiasm and friendship that built confidence and provided direction as we embarked upon the open-ended journey referred to as “CLDP”. Our thoughts are with Anna’s family and friends as well as her colleagues in the Department of Internal Affairs at this sad time.


So, for the Otematata CLDP what does 2022 bring?

Just over two years into the formal relationship (the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding Nov.2019) it is the writer’s belief that the programme is on the cusp of a phase that on one hand clearly reflects the collaborative successes and endeavours of the working and governance groups, and on the other leads us directly to the implementation and development stages.

To really understand what this means readers of this report are encouraged to re visit the Otematata Residents’ website and refresh their understanding of what CLDP is about. Specifically, encouragement is given to re consider the Vision and the Values, the importance of stake holder engagement, and the opportunity and commitment to not only improve physical facilities and sustainability in an enhanced environment, but also to be reminded that it is about strengthening community relationships through respectfully working together.

The last two years have seen healthy debate as the three main projects have been identified and then as the details of the projects have evolved through careful consideration, considerable community feedback, and professional support. Supported by DIA funding and guidance and linking to the ideals shared by the Waitaki District Council in their 20-year visioning plan, project designs reflecting the wishes of the wider community are now at a stage for final consideration and ultimately implementation of the construction phase.

So, what does this mean in reality?

Remembering that these projects were identified by the wider community as priorities let’s start with the Wetlands and work our way to “swings and slides”. Please note these comments are not reflecting the staged timeline for development (this is yet to be decided) but hopefully they will show how all this links together.

These comments are also not an attempt to explain the designer’s rationale behind his planning or his planning itself. The comments are simply a narrative to try and illustrate that this development is a careful reflection of community feedback relating directly to the Vision, Values and the agreed in 2019


The projects


The Wetlands project includes the development of a new track to the end of the peninsular, incorporating boat access and the creation of specially designed places that can be used for ceremonial events, the sharing of cultural, historical, or educational information, or simply places of reflection and enjoyment.

A newly created carpark will create a sense of arrival and will make access easier at the Loch Laird end, and new entranceways branded to other post and rail gateways in other development areas will provide a sense of continuity and professional and environmental “sameness”.



Leading through the Golf Course which has major improvement plans of its own, the CLDP collaborates with the Golf Club in the use of land alongside State Highway 83 (along the Golf Club fence line under the wires). This will provide beatification through a carefully defined “sense of arrival “incorporating specified planting, post and rail corners on the fence line, creative pathways and artistic features linking the A2O cycle track to the town centre. A proposed traffic island (for Transit NZ consideration) will encourage and provide a safer (slowing traffic speed) crossing point to the existing pathway, providing an invitation to the newly developed park, and the shop, carpark, and function centre.

Of course, none of this works without water and the CLDP is grateful of the opportunity to work with the Golf Club to mutual advantage in relation to this.



Across the road the triangular area outside the Function Centre undergoes transformation through redeveloped planting, seating, and areas for conversation relaxation and information. And to compliment this, enhanced planting in the concrete medians in the carpark will add to the sense of arrival, impact, and attractiveness.



Into the Park itself, the sports fields stay as they are, concrete paths and existing bicycle and skateboard areas remain untouched and considerable new planting adds to create enhancement, consistency, and beautification. An irrigation plan will support all development.

Shade areas, seating and a community BBQ will increase the desirability, and approximately six new play stations will further endorse the area as a place of family and fun.

Post and rail fencing will improve safety by acting as a barrier for younger children and will link with the designs of other gateways within the overall development.


So where are we up to?

Ongoing meetings with relevant stakeholders continue as planning moves through final stages. Once approved this will then allow funding applications to be submitted to DIA and the construction management and process to begin. What must be considered is that this is not a “one hit, home run”.

The overall project will need to be broken into stages; collaborative funding partners will need to be sought, sustainability must remain a strong dominant feature, and the reality of a three-to-four-year timeline must be acknowledged.

So, what might the immediate next steps look like?

Remembering that all planning reflects stakeholder feedback and wishes, it is intended to start with the children’s playground where additional play equipment will compliment existing facilities. This high-end inclusive equipment reflects carefully considered stakeholder wishes and is based on the best commercial and professional advice.

Remembering the playground is only part of the Community Park and CLDP enhancement programme, a copy of the plans and proposed stages and timeline will be posted on this website in the very near future.

So, let’s just wait and see. The CLDP Working Group and the ORAI Governance Group continue to get great encouragement from the Department of Internal Affairs, so with luck and good management hopefully we will see the first of these projects coming to fruition in the not too distant future.


Acknowledgement and gratitude are expressed to everyone involved in this time consuming and at times complex process…but through joint efforts, all indications signal that we are getting to the exciting bits.

With best wishes,

Steve Dalley 
ORAI Chair

Richard Paton
CLDP Working Group Coordinator.

Update 24 October 2021     

Community Led Development Programme
Working Group Meeting Minutes

October 16 2021

Community Led Development Programme

Update 18 August 2021     

Following the previous updates around funding applications, it is great to be able to let you know that the Department of Internal Affairs has confirmed financial support which will enable:

1. Maintaining our Communication and Social Media presence
2.Completion of planning of the Community Park and associated enhancements.
3.Completion of planning for the new walkway and associated developments within the Wetlands.

This is a major milestone achievement for the Community Led Development Programme as it now enables the processes to continue to proceed to the end of the planning and design phase.
Following that we will then seek further support which will ultimately lead to tenders, project management and construction.
Throughout this process the Community will be kept fully informed through the normal communication channels and as always, we will continually seek your feedback.
Thanks are extended to everyone involved with these projects and in particular to members of the ORAI Governance Group and the CLDP Working Group, for the countless hours of meetings and discussion relating to this.
Thanks are also extended to the Department of Internal Affairs for their financial support and to Anna Frost (Department of Internal Affairs) for her ongoing guidance and encouragement.
With best wishes,

Steve Dalley 
ORAI Chair

Richard Paton
CLDP Working Group Coordinator.


Update 22 July 2021     

This brief update is to let you know that CLDP progress continues as per the previous reports and updates.

The current situation is that following approval by the ORAI, applications to enable funding for ongoing planning relating to the Community Park and Wetlands Walkway Development were submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs in the middle of June. A decision around this funding is expected to be made in early August which in turn will determine our next steps forward.

Information regarding this will be presented as soon as it comes to hand.


With best wishes


Steve Dalley

ORAI Chair


Richard Paton

CLDP Coordinator

Update 15 May 2021     
good things take time

 From the Stakeholder feedback relating to the three enhancement areas (Community Park, Wetlands, and Beautification) progress continues as follows.

  • Taking on board all feedback and in particular the feedback around plantings, retention of sports field areas, and the playground development, the concept plans will be formally reconsidered to ensure they reflect community wishes. These will continue to be shared with the community and wider stakeholders until a decision of acceptance is made by the ORAI governance and supporting groups.

  • The CLDP Working Group continues to work within Department of Internal Affairs expectations and budgetary timelines and is also making every effort to keep the community and stakeholders informed and involved.

  • The Group is grateful of the encouragement that is being provided as it works through this process and once again acknowledges the considerable support and direction provided in the stakeholder feedback.

  • Updates will continue to be posted on this platform as further information is available and the process is followed that will ultimately lead to the desired results.


With best wishes to all.


Steve Dalley

ORAI Chair


Richard Paton

CLDP Working Group Coordinator


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