Community Led Development Programme

Update 24 October 2021     

Community Led Development Programme
Working Group Meeting Minutes

October 16 2021

Community Led Development Programme

Update 18 August 2021     

Following the previous updates around funding applications, it is great to be able to let you know that the Department of Internal Affairs has confirmed financial support which will enable:

1. Maintaining our Communication and Social Media presence
2.Completion of planning of the Community Park and associated enhancements.
3.Completion of planning for the new walkway and associated developments within the Wetlands.

This is a major milestone achievement for the Community Led Development Programme as it now enables the processes to continue to proceed to the end of the planning and design phase.
Following that we will then seek further support which will ultimately lead to tenders, project management and construction.
Throughout this process the Community will be kept fully informed through the normal communication channels and as always, we will continually seek your feedback.
Thanks are extended to everyone involved with these projects and in particular to members of the ORAI Governance Group and the CLDP Working Group, for the countless hours of meetings and discussion relating to this.
Thanks are also extended to the Department of Internal Affairs for their financial support and to Anna Frost (Department of Internal Affairs) for her ongoing guidance and encouragement.
With best wishes,

Steve Dalley 
ORAI Chair

Richard Paton
CLDP Working Group Coordinator.

Update 22 July 2021     

This brief update is to let you know that CLDP progress continues as per the previous reports and updates.

The current situation is that following approval by the ORAI, applications to enable funding for ongoing planning relating to the Community Park and Wetlands Walkway Development were submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs in the middle of June. A decision around this funding is expected to be made in early August which in turn will determine our next steps forward.

Information regarding this will be presented as soon as it comes to hand.


With best wishes


Steve Dalley

ORAI Chair


Richard Paton

CLDP Coordinator

Update 15 May 2021     
good things take time

 From the Stakeholder feedback relating to the three enhancement areas (Community Park, Wetlands, and Beautification) progress continues as follows.

  • Taking on board all feedback and in particular the feedback around plantings, retention of sports field areas, and the playground development, the concept plans will be formally reconsidered to ensure they reflect community wishes. These will continue to be shared with the community and wider stakeholders until a decision of acceptance is made by the ORAI governance and supporting groups.

  • The CLDP Working Group continues to work within Department of Internal Affairs expectations and budgetary timelines and is also making every effort to keep the community and stakeholders informed and involved.

  • The Group is grateful of the encouragement that is being provided as it works through this process and once again acknowledges the considerable support and direction provided in the stakeholder feedback.

  • Updates will continue to be posted on this platform as further information is available and the process is followed that will ultimately lead to the desired results.


With best wishes to all.


Steve Dalley

ORAI Chair


Richard Paton

CLDP Working Group Coordinator


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