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Community Led Development Programme

April 2024  Update

As we enter the final phase of the Community Led Development Programme thanks continue to be extended to all volunteers and contractors who have been involved with this significant project over the last years. 

Thanks are also extended to the Department of Internal Affairs, Co Funders and DIA Advisors, for providing the funds and guidance that have allowed the development to happen. 

So, as the photos show, starting from the Community BBQ and extended Playground, new pathways and landscaping lead down the side of the sports field, veering left to the shop and enhanced outdoor areas, or progressing across the road to a new cycle/walkway linking to the Golf Course,Hotel, and Loch Laird Road. Numerous conversation areas supported by Corten Steel shelter breaks and an abundance of new plantings are already showing the advantages brought by the newly installed irrigation system.

Also to be noted is that the new irrigation system extends along the Community Park Roadside to support the commemorative trees long overdue for regular watering. Norwegian maples on the slopes are already showing the vibrance of autumn while new plantings in the concrete medians provide a sense of arrival and presence to the village centre.

A carpark at the Wetlands entry on Loch Laird Road provides direction to the Wetlands walk/cycle way and leads to the newly established track still referred to as the Gum Tree Walk. This track is an absolute must as it leads across the old riverbed and through regenerating tree canopies to the end of the Peninsular. Take a snack and some refreshments with you to this amazing spot and most importantly take time to reflect and enjoy it for all that it is.


So, what is left to be done? Light bollards will be installed within the next few weeks to highlight the new pathway through the Community Park and a water fountain will be installed near the playground/BBQ. Also under consideration is the installation of a bridge over the inlet in the Wetlands, the latter depending on costs and consents. And so, almost 5 years on the CLDP Group enters discussions with DIA around exit expectations and strategies, and simply encourages all who visit or live in Otematata to continue to enjoy, relax and play in this wonderful place. And yes, the BBQ is ready for use. Just give it a clean then turn it on and heat it up. And when you have finished……. another clean, turn it off  and take your rubbish with you. Bon appetit…!!!  


Richard Paton CLDP Coordinator  

Steve Dalley ORAI Chair 

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